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Pretty neat, huh? I must have made about 20 of these. The only downside to them is that they automatically update for daylight/standard time based on the old rules that went out of effect in 2006. It functions like a digital alarm clock except for its excessive use of LEDs. This one shown goes counterclockwise instead of clockwise. I made more than half of them that way, simply because it was a lot of trouble to make something boring if it was just like a regular clock. The alarm can be enabled to go off on any combination of days of the week (for instance, just weekdays, or just Tuesday and Thursday, or just Saturday). It also shows you the date when you pus the button at the bottom.

If you're interested in purchasing a microcontroller clock kit, click the link at the bottom. There are several different kinds available - there is one as you see it with and without the alarm, but the one without the alarm also has an interesting display option; there is a version that uses 32768 Hz crystals, which slows down the processor speed and since it actually shows the LEDs in fast sequence rather than all together (though it does AM/PM and the days of the week simultaneously), it is only fast enough to do it 11 times a second, which is kind of psychedelic, for all the LEDs to be flashing 11 times per second when on instead of being apparently solid. There is also a dice clock (a link in the page brought up by clicking the link below) where it's more like a conventional LED display clock, except instead of 7-segment numeric displays, the numbers are shown like the dots on the faces of dice, where "1" is the dot in the middle, "2" is the top right and bottom left corners, etcetera.

Click here to order a microcontroller clock kit.

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