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LED dice clock (circuit board included)
LED dice clock (circuit board included)
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Shipping & Returns Shipping & Returns
The complete list of uninsured shipping tables to all countries can be found on this page: (click here).

You are going to be given many shipping options with checkout. The cheapest option for you will be called Uninsured Regular Shipping Zone Rate (you assume responsibility for all risks associated). We expect you to understand the meaning of the word responsibility if you select this option. You cannot have your cake and eat it too and you cannot save the money in your own pocket by selecting this method and then later demand all the rights and priviliges that accompany more expensive shipping methods that absolve you of responsibility for your order as if you had paid for those services. We usually photograph our outgoing parcels just to prove they exist, and this photo can be e-mailed to you upon request, but that is where the buck stops. This applies to shipping to other countries as well. We are in the business of providing quality reflex hammers, tuning forks, stethoscopes, etcetera. It is not our business to be experts in the courier services of every country in the world. If you select an uninsured method that actually warns you that you assume responsibility, do not expect us to talk to customs and ask them to track your package and find out what privatized delivery service within your own country is allocated to outgoing first class international parcels from the US if there is more than one postal service in your country, or this or that. If you go for the cheapest method possible, you get what you pay for, and insured methods are available and they do not cost a lot more. If the concept of us not being responsible for your purchased item is abhorrent to you, well then DO NOT select that shipping option, there are many others to choose from!

Express mail: those stinkers at the post office will use ANY excuse they can to get out of giving a refund. One Monday night we got an express mail order, and we scheduled a pickup on Tuesday specifically for the express mail package. At 10 am Tuesday the postman picked it up and they delivered it on Thursday. Did they honor their next day guarantee? No they did not, because it has to be at the post office by 3:30 pm, and even though I specifically scheduled a pickup the day before, they excused themselves of their own obligations because their own employee failed to get it to the post office within 6 hours. Since then I have actually made a special trip to the post office for such orders, and even then, what did they do? I handed a package to a postal clerk at the counter at about 1 pm, and because she did not scan it in when I handed it to her, they delivered it 2 days later, and their excuse was that the package must not only be handed to the clerk, but I must specifically ASK her to accept it. They will avoid their obligations even when it would not even cost them any more money to just put it on the next plane, they take pleasure in holding onto it for an extra day whenever they feel they have an excuse. And finally, be aware that I do need time to actually process the order and make a special trip to the post office, and I may not even see the order immediately if you place it online (be sure to CALL to inform us you have placed the order in such a case), so if the clock is near 2 pm pacific, 5 pm Eastern, you might consider having it sent by another method because probably I will not be able to make their stinking deadline that day and priority mail will be just as fast. You have been warned. The amount charged for express mail may be the USPS charge plus a small premium because remember, WE have to go OUT OF OUR WAY to deliver it to the post office in person before their deadline. If, no surprise, something goes wrong, but splendifourous miracle, they actually provide a refund, we will be happy to pass it right on to you, we are supposed to be able to get not just the shipping refunded but the COST of the items in your order as well. Since they are so eager to break their guarantee at any ridiculous excuse, I think I am justifiably eager to stick it to the man at any opportunity, so if you get all your money back, more power to you! Bravo! You will not, however, get back the premium in addition to the express mail cost most likely, however, because that was charged by us for the service of bringing it to the post office.

Priority mail flat rate envelopes: Anything I can stuff in one of them will cost you $5.45 uninsured as of the time of this writing. I am good at that. I may be able to fit an order you may not be expecting into one of those little envelopes, and will charge you shipping accordingly. Your card is not charged when you place an order online, it is only authorized, and I can charge any amount up to and including the authorized amount, so you may pay less in the end if I save you money on shipping in this way. Insurance will bring it up a little, $6.95 for 100 dollars of coverage. Please use your logic to decide if the order CAN in fact fit in the envelope. If there is any doubt, please call. If the item is too large, like say you are ordering 10 stethoscopes, or if it is not large but it is long, like the queen square set, it will decidedly not fit.

What the heck is partially insured, you ask? Well, I figured, what if your order size is 102 dollars for instance. Surely you see the logic in not wasting an extra dollar just to insure the last 2 dollars, since insurance is sold in blocks of 100 dollars. This of course makes no difference if the total order size is less than 100 dollars, and if your order size is 180 dollars, you could certainly justify insuring it for all 180 instead of 100. So I give you the option of fully insured, and partially insured, which insures it up to the order value rounded down to the next lower multiple of 100 dollars. You decide if that last partial block is worthwhile to insure.

RETURNS: Despite your impressions from having read up to this point, we are not total jerks. We recognize that defects DO occur in our items, however we are also aware that capricious individuals exist in this world. If you purchase something and there is something genuinely wrong with it and significant, we will refund your original shipping and the cost of your return shipping, or just the cost of your return shipping and provide you a replacement, and you will have our apologies. If you are just returning something because you feel you do not like it, however, you pay return shipping and you do not get the original shipping cost refunded AND your order total will be subject to a 10% restocking fee (the actual subtotal of the order will only be refunded 90%). And there are varying shades of gray in between. One of those shades of gray, by the way, is if you use a wasteful and horribly expensive method of shipping to return the item to us! Use a sensible method and we will not be averse to reimbursing you for it. When you deal with Medworks, you do not deal with an unthinking, nameless, faceless organization. We apply common sense to our actions and expect you to do likewise.

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01.Readyflex TM tubing by the inch
02.Queens Square Percussor with point and guard, white handle
03.Mayo Dissection Scissors Straight 5-1/2 in
04.Lister Bandage Scissor 3-1/2 in
05.C128 Weighted Tuning Fork
06.Ultra Queens Square Percussor with point and guard, 8.8 ounces!
07.Scalpel Handle SS #3
08.Allis Clamping 5x6 Forceps
09.Lister Bandage Scis 5-1/2 in - 5 pcs
10.Lister Bandage Scissor 5-1/2 in
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Readyflex <sup>TM</sup> tubing by the inch
This tubing makes for a phenomenal stethoscope. As a family ..
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