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The new endcaps are made of soft, highly elastic silicone and are fit snugly over the regular bumpers. They are one sixteenth of an inch thick and seven eighths of an inch in diameter on the inside, one inch on the outside. So they are stretched slightly to be fit around the 1 inch diameter black bumpers, and therefore they won't fall off, but they can be taken off without too much effort. They can be trimmed in such a way as to have a very tight fit over the rubber, or a tiny bit of air can be left at the end. The white silicone is very tough despite being soft, as it gets harder (and becomes more opaque) when placed under great tension or compression and reverts back when the stress is removed, giving it the perfect combination of strength and softness that won't harden as the years go by. Though they will pick up volatile components from the rubber beneath and become yellow with time.

This novelty is an invention of Medwork Instruments, so you won't find it anywhere else, but also for that reason, there's no standard established for it. So we would like you, our customers, to tell us what you think. We feel it is your responsibility to make the medical community as good as it can be - it may sound like a confrontational and bold statement to make to a perspective customer, but that's why you got into the profession in the first place, right? You must believe you are better at filling your shoes than someone else would be. (That or you did it to make lots of money.) It is our responsibility to fulfill your needs and facilitate your doing so, (and if we don't, we won't make ANY money). But regardless of whose moral obligation it is to do what, the fact is that in order to do his job, the medical professional must have the right tools, and it's not his job to make the tools himself. And how are the suppliers to know what these tools should be unless you tell them? We need to find out from you what you think of it. Is it good? Bad? Just plain ugly? Let us know by phone, fax or e-mail! And when you place your order, let us know whether you want them with a little airspace at the end or permanently affixed, or if you don't want them at all, by providing this information in the comment field.

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