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This means Canada, Japan, the British Isles, most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Brazil, Anguilla and a few others will be shipped to without question. We actually have some fairly economical options so try putting some things in the shopping cart and see what it tells you; you may like what you see. Some additional locations like Mexico, some of Europe (such as Latvia or Malta), Pacific islands, South America, Africa and Asia will be considered on an individual basis, depending on the order and whether the customer is an individual or a university.

We do not charge your account until we are ready to ship UNLESS IT IS A SPECIAL ORDER. A special order is one where we have to obtain an item we do not normally stock. Otherwise, we check to make sure the item is in stock and if there are any questions we contact you by email before shipping.

Please see our shipping rule table to see your order cost based on weight. Our shopping cart calculates a shipping fee based on the weight stored by the website for the items you are ordering, and country of your address. If your package is extra heavy, going to a residential address, AK or HI, shipping costs will be higher. The 2-day fedex rate is a worst-case scenario within the contiguous US - in other words, Washington to Florida. It may be less than the amount shown to you on the page where you choose your shipping method. If you live in HI, AK or PR, please expect to be contacted with the final shipping amount - it could be more than the amount quoted by the shopping cart for other locations within the contiguous US though, and we will try to contact you if that is the case as well. NOTHING is processed when you place your order. We always look to make sure the item or items are in stock and available for shipment before your bankcard is processed. We check shipping costs and adjust to make sure the computer hasn't over-charged you before we process. If you have a special request please contact us by email and we will do our best to oblige you. is the best email address to use when contacting us. Orders under our $10.00 (plus shipping) minimum are subject to our "Small Order Fee" of 22 cents for each dollar under 10. Most of our orders are sent out by USPS first class mail. At a certain point within the contiguous US, FedEx ground becomes cheaper (outside the US, international first class is generally the best up to 4 pounds which is its limit). It seems UPS is always outdone either by USPS or FedEx so we never ship by UPS unless you want something sent on your account. We can ship by UPS or FedEx bill-to recipient on request, but this will include a handling charge of 1.20 for the cost of the box and delivery to the FedEx or UPS drop-off location because it is not something that is routinely done. ASK US and we'll try to keep your costs down. We are just trying NOT to lose money. Nobody said anything about getting rich........

If you select to pay for insurance, the website uses the value of the cost of your order plus the shipping BEFORE insurance as the insured covered amount. We may choose not to pay USPS or FedEx or any 3rd party insurer for insurance even if you pay for insurance. In this case, Medworks IS your insurer - by paying for insurance, you merely hand the responsibility of liability over to us, and it is entirely in our discretion whether it is then statistically worthwhile to pass the buck onto someone else. You are definitely getting something for the extra dollar or so if this happens - the service of passing the liability onto us. So please do not get upset if you receive your order and it doesn't have a USPS insurance sticker on it. It's easier for you that way as well. After all, you would have to fill out claim forms and get them notarized and probably wait in the postmaster general's office for an hour (words from experience) to file a claim and they will fight you on it: don't fool yourself into thinking it won't be a whole mess of effort to get the money back. You should RATHER have us be your insurer than them. Insurance is a required option if your order size is above a certain amount. Within the US, that amount is currently 400 dollars. To other countries, it is currently 100 dollars. If you are above the allowed threshold, the website will tell you that the uninsured option is not available. Partial insurance means that the whole order is not necessarily insured. Suppose your order total is 103 dollars, and insurance is $1.60 for each block of 100 dollars. Then getting 103 dollars of coverage instead of 100 dollars of coverage will cost you $1.60 more, just for 3 dollars worth of additional coverage. That $1.60 right there on the differential 3 dollars of coverage is a sucker bet. We have programmed the "partial insurance" option to not insure the last partial block in this way, but if your order total is below the very bottom threshold, it will be exactly the same as the full insurance. If you have a $190 order, insuring the 90 dollars is not such a waste, if you have a $110 order, insuring the 10 dollars is a waste, and somewhere in between is the logical threshold between the two courses of action. We leave it up to you which one to pick.

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