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We have an engraving machine. It's not the most amazing beastie in the world, and we REALLY don't like to go over 15 characters in length (you'll see the cost per character go up prohibitively as the length goes up if you choose engraving in the shopping cart). It is a simple machine which mechanically transcribes stenciled letters in reduced form onto an instrument with a diamond tip. There is a safe area of writing, and if a message is long and extends out of that area, there is a risk of ruining the instrument because it may slip, and that's why the cost goes up like that. Instruments for which engraving is available will have a drop-down menu for the number of characters you want engraved. Rather than having a complicated 2-variable function of cost versus engraved message length with and without spaces, we have decided the price will be based on the length NOT including spaces, BUT you are limited to 20 characters INCLUDING spaces. So if you want "Bob Smith" engraved, that is 8 characters not including spaces, 9 including spaces, and you would select 8 characters from the drop down menu. If you want "Bob Snootyson Smith PhD", while that is 20 characters not including spaces, but it is prohibited because including spaces it is 23 characters. But if you drop the PhD to bring it within the limit, the number with spaces drops to 19, the number without spaces drops to 17, and 17 is all you have to pay for. This also means, you may note, the only way you could actually logically select 20 characters from the drop down menu is if it is 20 characters exactly and has no spaces. Unless someone whose last name is Snootysonpicklesburg or something places an order, this will probably never happen. If your last name is Snootysonpicklesburg and you run for president, I will vote for you, because I'd really like to see money (perhaps the 137 dollar bill) some day with your name on it. Especially if you regularly wear a monocle and look like the monopoly guy. Of course, just like with postage stamps, you have to die before they begin printing it. So make sure your running mate has an equally preposterous name so he can become president as well when you are assassinated, so that we can double the chances, or if we get really lucky, maybe BOTH of you will end up on money.

Now, on with the examples (note it is really hard to capture scratches in metal on photograph):

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