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Slightly irregular hammers 


Small cosmetic flaws that do not affect use - stainless steel or chromium-plated brass Dejerine (specify preferences in comment field provided at checkout, and whether you would be willing to accept another type if the one you want is not available) - regularly $6.50-$8.00 only $3.99 each  AVAILABLE IN VERY SMALL NUMBERS


Buy - Dejerine with irregularities $3.99


A few stainless steel Troemners that are "odd" or have flaws that do not allow us to call them "First Quality" so we offer them as 2nds. If you are just looking for a discount, you may consider the non-standard model page (click here) for perfectly good instruments that are unique and possibly made by miscellaneous parts and are therefore without flaws and not inferior, yet not standard (not like hundreds of other identically manufactured instruments). This page is devoted to hammers with actual flaws. Depending on how "messed up" they are, the price we set for them won't be fixed. Please let us know in the comment field provided when you place your order online which end of the scale you'd want it to be on (low end may be an engraving gone bad, high end may be just plain weird somehow and not even necessarily flawed, or maybe some spots or other minor cosmetic flaws that occurred during casting or machining), or maybe composed of chromed brass instead of stainless steel (do not try to bend THEM with your bare hands because if you try you will SUCCEED!) We will adjust the price accordingly when we actually process it. Please do not call us and ask us to give you pictures of all the seconds in stock. We don't have a listing for each individual one because each one is one of a kind and creating a listing is a lot of effort. But to give you an idea about what is available, there are units that are chromed brass instead of stainless steel (do not try to bend them because you will find they will bend or break with no more than 20 pounds of force instead of 200), there are dented units, engraving gone bad, electroplating gone mad, and painting gone, er, sad. You can save more if you don't want silicone bumpers put in but just regular rubber bumpers. If you're just looking for a 'beater' so that it won't be so bad if it gets lost or stolen, then you should consider it. Drop us a line in the comment section with your order to give us an idea of what you want. None of it is garbage. They're all good instruments. But if you're, say, a med student and you NEED a Troemner because it's a requirement and you really don't care what it looks like, this may be a decent option.

Electroplating gone mad (that's very bumpy copper covering the handle, not rust)!

Click to see a high-resolution example

Buy - Troemner with irregularities $16-27

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Click here to go to the Troemner heavyweight with gold plated handle page ($48.95)
Click here to go to the Troemner heavyweight all (not just the handle) gold plated page ($59.95)
Click here to go to the Troemner streamlined and non-standard model page ($33.99)

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