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Mercury Thermometer shown

Mercury thermometers
, queensquare pediatric
The new ultra-heavyweight queen square
TENS Unit Telescoping Rabiner Babinski

Extreme bargains and closeouts (links below):

odds and ends surgical sale items more surgicals
reflex hammers sphygmomanometer bladders
The legendary "secret page" (darn, I guess the secret's out)
stethoscope sale items steth.+dejerine set
Non-Standard Troemners. Reflex Hammer 2nds


Reflex hammers and Tuning Forks
(links below):

Wide head gold plated handle Troemner shown
Wide head gold plated handle Troemner shown

Tuning forks: 128, 256 and 512 Hz 5-in-1 tool     
Queensquare: regular pediatric deluxe set ULTRA
Taylor (brass and stainless steel available) Buck-hammer    
Dejerine: brass stainless steel Rabiner-Babinski
Troemner: regular wide head eccentric pieces    
wide head gold plated handle wide head all gold
FREE engraving on the Stainless Dejerine,
             $0.40-$1/character on the Troemners


BP monitors and Stethoscopes (links below):

Heavyweight teaching stethoscope shown
Heavyweight teaching stethoscope shown

LOW cost stethoscope page
Our in-house top of the line stethoscopes
Stethoscope/BP monitor sets BP monitors only
Teaching stethoscopes Sprague-Rappaport
With specialty Readyflex tubing: Regular Teaching
Pediatric E.N.T. specialty 2-headed stethoscope

Surgical Instruments in every flavor of the rainbow
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scalpel RochestermosquitoMayo-Hegar 
scalpel         Rochester            mosquito               Mayo-Hegar                          
blades       Pean forceps          forceps                needleholder    
Kelly forcepsOperating scissors
Kelly forceps                         Operating scissors       

Electronics and Calibration (links below):

Retractable measuring tape shown
Retractable measuring tape shown

All measuring tools Thermometers Tape measure
ECG calipers Analog neuromuscular stimulator

EKG caliper shown
EKG caliper shown

Electronic components





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